Monday, June 21, 2010

10 Things you may or may not know about Watermelons

1. Watermelon is the best summer treat because of its high water and sugar content. It’s really diet food, with 92 % water. A lemon has more sugar than a whole watermelon, but it would be hard to squeeze a watermelon slice into iced tea.

2. You cannot eat watermelon without slurping or dripping it down your shirt, so wear a bib.

3. You must spit the seeds.

4. In Japan, watermelon is yellow. It’s tasty but weird looking.

5. Bogue Banks round watermelons are claimed to be the sweetest variety- at least that’s what people from the Bogue Banks area say.

6. In 2006, Lloyd Bright from Hope, Arkansas grew a 268.8-pound watermelon; it tasted good and fed a small country.

7. Watermelon is a fruit that grows on the ground. Imagine if it grew on trees. What would the tree look like and who would be able to pick it?

8. Watermelons were found in 4000-year-old Egyptian tombs. China grew them in the 10th century and Native Americans began enjoying them in the 1500s.

9. A cup of watermelon has 48 calories, is full of Vitamins A, C and B and antioxidants called Lycopenes.

10. New research may equate watermelon to a cheap “Viagra”… I wonder, would you need a world record watermelon each day?

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