Wednesday, June 23, 2010

6 Additional things you may or may not know about Watermelon

1. Watermelons are related to cantaloupes, pumpkins and squash, generally in round and oval shapes. However, in Japan, they grow square, pyramidal and polygonal shapes and are twice as expensive as regular ones.

2. Pick a watermelon by thumping it in the store- it should sound like something between a “thump and a thud”. It should be green, perhaps with some stripes and a yellow/brown spot on the bottom. If there is no spot, the melon has been picked too early and won’t be as sweet.

3. Some watermelon come seedless, this is cheating.

4. The rinds of watermelon can be “pickled". However, they don't taste like real pickles-never confuse the two.

5. Apply salt liberally to a big slice of watermelon- it brings out additional sweetness.

6. The comedian, Gallagher is famous for using his “Sledge-O-Matic” to smash watermelons, and spurred official watermelon smashing events.

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