Friday, June 18, 2010

The best ways to keep cool in the summer using little known scientific tidbits

•Drink 5 gallons of water and then float to a cooler destination.

•Stick your head in the freezer- not your tongue.

•Go for marathon movies. The temperatures in a movie theater are so cold you will need a blanket and earmuffs after the 2nd movie.

•Run around with ice cubes in your underwear

•Stick an ice pack on your head. Lots of heat is lost from the head than other body parts. You cool off by having the ice absorb the heat, and then you have a frozen head.

•Wet your wrists with tepid water, while doing dishes. Things get clean and you’ll also feel better.

•Wash your dog in cool water and stand close enough so he shakes all the water on you. Better still, let the dog stay dirty and pour the water over your head.

•The mind can be tricked into thinking that you feel cooler. Close your eyes and repeat this over and over: Alaska; the North Pole; Antarctica…

•Migrate to the Southern Hemisphere. They are having winter while we are having summer.

•Find the largest oak tree and sit underneath it. Not only is it shady but the tree is carrying on transpiration, a kind of water removal from the stomata located on the underside of the leaf. The water droplets make you feel cooler.

However, if lightening occurs, move away from the tree.

•You might think that drinking a cold beverage would make you cooler; however, your body temperature must increase, to warm up the liquid so that it can properly digest it.
The best time to drink something cold is, you guessed it, in the winter. On the other hand, who wants to drink something hot in the summer?

•Raise the air conditioner's temperature as high as you dare and keep the ceiling fans turning counterclockwise, or to the left… ok, check out the previous post for this one.

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