Thursday, July 1, 2010

Make mine a Garbage Dog

Hotdogs are the quintessential gourmet grilled food, anytime.

If you like hotdogs, you have a definitive opinion what it should be: a brat, or sausage dog, a turkey mix, pork, all beef, or Kosher. Likewise, you have a preference in how it should be cooked and served.

The idea of having a tube of meat between an oval sliced roll, proportioned to hold other things is amazing. The Earl of Sandwich would be proud.

Since I am a hotdog snob, it must be all beef, well drained, unless I’m at the ballpark and then, it really doesn’t matter. In this case, the environment overrules my requirements.

A regular hotdog is precooked, so heating will plump it up. For a quick snack, I will boil hotdogs on the stove. Grilling does more; you get stripes on a crisp skin. The color is great, and the smell is addictive.

A gourmet dog isn’t “gourmet” until it’s dressed properly. You might want sauerkraut, or relish, not me. Do not give me cheese wiz, brown mustard, raw onions, sweet relish, or any other weird concoction.

The best beef hotdog must have lots of flavor- lovingly called a “garbage dog”. My combination of condiments includes yellow mustard, ketchup, chili, shredded cheese and slaw. And make it a foot-long, big enough for a giant bite and tempting enough to use a knife and fork.

I have to wear a bib for the garbage dog. It is not lady-like food; it’s messy and best enjoyed when someone else is eating a garbage dog, so there is no one to make snide comments.

I urge you to step out of your humdrum hotdog world and experience a garbage dog.

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