Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Manly Loofa

In honor of all the men on Father’s Day:

My husband came home with a bag full of “beauty aids” from the drug store.

“I bought myself a scrunchy.”

He has very short hair, so I had to look at what he had.

“That’s not a scrunchy, that’s a loofa.”

“No, Men wouldn’t buy a Loofa.”

“What would you call a man’s loofa?”

“A “Lloof-wanza”. But that sounds more like a German airplane.”

“What does it say on the package?”

“A ‘Men’s shower tool’ he said. And it’s blue and grey, manly colors.”

“A man would rather buy a “shower tool” than a loofa?”

“Apparently so.”

Now that I think on it, the marketing is perfect; anything with the word “tool” on it will be scooped up by a male shopper; but this is still a loofa.

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