Friday, June 13, 2014

Summer Flip-flops

“Where are my brown flip flops?”

“Haven’t seen them” said the chorus of men in the house.

“Are you sure you haven’t taken my flip flops by mistake?”

“Mom, none of us can wear your shoes,” said Will.

At least that’s a true statement. My size 10 shoes are small compared to the rest of them.

“Would anyone help me find them?”

“Sorry Mom, we’re busy.”

My flip-flops are dark brown with a logo. I can’t remember the brand name, but I’ve never spent twenty dollars on a pair of flip-flops before, so I’d like to have them back.

I remember when we only paid a few quarters for a good pair. Generally, we outgrew them before they wore out, but when the strap broke or the dog chewed them, it didn’t matter. We went to the dime store and bought a few more; I always got red ones, my sister got blue and my brother got black.

“Flip flop, flip flop” is a great sound that fits a perfect name.

It’s hard to imagine that basic flip-flop design has been around about 6000 years, seen on ancient Egyptian murals in temples and tombs. I can’t imagine my $20 flip flops lasting more than 2 seasons of wear.

I wonder if Egyptian mothers had problems finding their sandals.

In ancient times, the Greeks placed the toe strap after the big toe, the Romans after the 2nd toe and the Mesopotamians, the 3rd toe. I’m a Greek toe person. Any other place would feel bizarre.

Flip Flops emerged in the 1950’s as a casual shoe, then designs took other forms with wedges, stacked heels, wood, leather, bamboo and rubber. Straps have flowers, glitter, pearls, sequins, rhinestones, Swarovski crystals, ribbons and bows, all with expensive price tags.

Imagine wearing flip-flops on the red carpet, or seeing a bride wearing a tulle veil on her feet.

My $20 shoes keep sounding better and better. If only I could find them.

May all your days be worthy of wearing flip flops. Write to me at

Have a great summer.

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