Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Write, write, write, then write some more

I have realized something very important; I stink at writing children's literature.

Can I tell a story? Yes. 
Is the children's story memorable? Apparently not.

Who ever said  "Write what you know"  should be punched in the face.  
We should encourage each other to explore different avenues and dream, 
before bursting into flames.
I can write nonfiction and humor.  
I should be able to tackle just about anything, but when I dive into the scary children's waters, I either sink or get eaten by the sharks.

So far, I've written 2 picture books and a chapter book. 
They now dwell in Davy Jones' locker at the bottom of the sea.

At least I tried.

What did I learn from spending hundreds of millions of hours on them?
My writing has become crisper, and I'm a better nonfiction writer. 

As a result, I've been able to pass on a few words of wisdom to other writers.
So, if you stick with what you do best, you'll never know what you can accomplish, even if you have to dog paddle.

That's the moral of this story. Now, have you heard the one about... "

To all the writers out there "BRAVO".  Keep it up.  I'd love to hear from you- email me at

Have a great day.

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