Thursday, June 17, 2010

"Your blades are going the wrong way."

Last Saturday, I made my husband cringe and walk away. In the course of 3 hours, I had managed to tell 2 waitresses and 4 clerks that their ceiling fans were going the wrong way.

I can't help it. It's the teacher in me with the need to correct something.

I could imaging Scott saying "Don't do it. Leave the poor woman alone. Do you have to create a scene?" But I continued, in spite of his embarassment.

"Do you know that your ceiling fan is turning the wrong way? In the summer, the blades need to turn to the left, or if you're standing underneath, counterclockwise."

In almost every instance, I get a befuddled look which means I have to continue in more detail. Scott peers around the corner using hand signals to "come on".

"You see, cold air falls and hot air rises, so in the summer you want the blades to push cooler air down and the hotter air up. When you have the air conditioner going and the fan is turning to the right, you are creating humidity. And, it uses more electricity, so it's more expensive."

That's when I notice a light bulb going off. It wasn't the explaination, it was money which made the connection. Ok, if the "bottom-line" can get a restaurant or shop cooler while I'm there, I'm all for it.


  1. Great blog, Helen. Good luck with it. I'm going to check our fan blades now.