Thursday, July 29, 2010

Aaaahhh, Food...

I love food. Check my photograph…

I eat to live and live to eat- I have the best of both worlds.

I love international foods and can’t live without Southern ones- don’t forget the sweet tea.

I used to be a good cook, but my husband’s fondness for junk food and lack of appreciation for slaving over a hot stove degraded my abilities.

However, my culinary skills with a crock-pot and microwave are superb.

Invite me for dinner anytime. I’ll try almost anything (within reason) and I’m always up for going out to lunch.

It’s always better when someone else makes food.

And going out is as much a treat as the anticipation of eating something yummy.

I must admit that eating with a friend is much better than eating alone.

Friendship and food are great companions.

I must go for now, I’m meeting some companions.

Savor the moment and share the food, or is it the other way around. Share something with me... have a great day.

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