Friday, February 1, 2013

The Bathroom, the Newest Media Craze

Let’s face it, the public bathroom holds a captive audience.

Unless the bathroom is nasty or smelly, the opportunity for marketing businesses is extraordinary.


The name of the business brings a smile- it’s so appropriate. They feature several 8x10 advertisements in Plexiglas slots, with a few business cards placed on a wall or the back of a stall’s door.

I’m sure you’ve read something like this. After all, you probably had the time to peruse them.

The businesses must be benign enough to merit door space, and I’m sure that in a busy restaurant, the dollars spent on advertisement brings more “buck bang”.

I just coined that phrase and any business wanting to use it must pay some royalties- see, I’m thinking like a business….

I envision that paper ads will eventually morph into more technological entities. WIFI, Fox or CNN news tickers will be expected for up-to-date news information.

Then, what? The demand will overflow to businesses where work propaganda will fill employee heads, or perhaps one could earn another degree there…

The door’s the limit.

Sadly, in the public bathroom, you’re not alone. “Big Brother” may not be watching but the advertisers are.

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Have a wonderful day.


  1. I don't have a loo story but a recent trip to the US and what's going on with the massive gaps in the door?! It may just be NYC though. :)

  2. Bathroom door ads are entertaining for the delayed visit. Great piece, lots of chuckles.

  3. I am currently working on a piece about the gap in the doors where woman use toilet paper to cover it - that just makes me crazy! It's so tacky!

    Loved this piece - maybe it will inspire me more. Thanks for the read Helen!

  4. Wow, was I ever ahead of my time. The school bathroom stall doors was where I would have kids tape flyers about our upcoming theatre productions.