Monday, July 16, 2012

Beach Thoughts

I love the beach.

Call it the shore, the ocean or whatever.

I love the part of the beach that has sand on it.

I have no interest in a boardwalk or carnival, just tranquil beaches like those in North Carolina.

“Aaaah”, the smell of fish, seaweed and salty air -think of it as a bonus facial exfoliate. Who cares if you get sticky or sandy, you’re at the beach.

Perhaps you need a tutorial on N.C. beaches, if you don’t, skip over the next 4 paragraphs…

1. All of the beaches in North Carolina are on barrier islands. You cannot get to one without crossing a bridge, taking a ferry, or boating over. These islands protect the coastline from storms and create a wonderful boundary for the sounds and inlets used for recreational and commercial fishing, jet skiing, flounder gigging and such.

2. The Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) is a waterway for boats traveling North and South, bound by the islands. Pirates, even Blackbeard navigated these waters and sunk his last ship, the Queen Anne’s Revenge off Bogue Banks. “Arrrrh matie”.

3. If you are lucky, you see wild ponies living on some of the islands, descendants of those left by the Spanish explorers in the 1600’s. (They are small enough to be my dogs’ playmates…)

4. The barrier islands generally run north, south, except for two, which run east, west and are prominently seen from outer space.

The beach makes me happy.

On a rare occasion, I find shark’s teeth. Fortunately, there are no sharks attached.

This is my secret; the best time to go to the beach is between 4pm and 8pm in the summer. The light is gentler and as the winds change, you get chilled- I bring a jacket even in the middle of summer.

I never have a problem finding a parking space because all the tourists are so starved and sunburned that they leave in droves.

I love the beach.

I love to get mail, leave me a message please...

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