Monday, July 19, 2010

Cat Behavior

Each of my cats has a different personality.

Motley is the most determined.

Motley is a Torti-white (Tortoise color Calico with 4 white paws), female, square face and big green eyes.

Her eyes glow in the night, while she stares a hole through you.

She does not like to be held, but must be in the center of any attention, desires to be an indoor cat, and most importantly, she is a chowhound.

When Motley wants food at 3am, she knocks things off my bedside table.

She uses her nose for small things like pens, note pads and lotion.

Her front paws push books off.

Her hind legs kick off things in the opposite direction. There goes the eyeglass case.

After each item is pushed, she looks my way.

“Did you hear that?”

“How about now?”

“I can keep this up for a long time.”

“Are you ready to feed me now?”

I am obstinate and turn over in bed, hoping the noise stops.

“Blammo”. There goes the alarm clock.

It is 5am.

Ok, you win Motley.

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