Friday, July 16, 2010

Cat Bumper Sticker

I might put this bumper sticker on my car:

“Dear God, don’t let me be the kind of person my cat wants me to be.”

I have both dogs and cats. The species are as different as rocks and flowers. I’ve had to adapt to both.

Yes, I have adapted.

I have adapted to their needs, wants, likes, dislikes, personalities and habits. But, I don’t have to like it.

I think dogs have the ability to be more malleable but I don’t want to be their human, I want them to be my animal and bend to my wants and needs.

I guess I’m dreaming.

Dogs have a growl, whine, howl, mini bark, big bark, and the sounds for burping and passing gas.

I understand each sound; it’s an easy language.

They understand my language: “out”; “back”; “no”; “wait”;“outside” and “who did that?”

Cats make 101 different kinds of sounds.
Sometimes they come when their name is called, but don’t count on it.

“Meows” come in different pitches, tempo and volume- I haven’t figured out most of them after 3 years.

Facial expressions, I understand better.

My cats are easy to read: sleepy; contented; angry; and when they have an “attitude”.

Some “tudes” mean “leave me alone”, “watch out I’m going to pounce” or “I’m not happy with you, so fix it”.

Wonder what Pavlov would do with 3 cats? I could use some help.

I'd love to hear what cat bumper sticker you'd like to show off. Write me....

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