Monday, July 26, 2010

Family news

I come from a large family;I have 3 brothers and 3 sisters.
NO, we are not Catholic.

Our ages spread 20 years in the difference from oldest to youngest and this makes for crazy conversations and in trying to relate to each other.

As a result, the nephew, niece population is large and their children are arriving at rabbit rate.

Last week, another great niece arrived.

Now I have 8 great nieces and 6 great nephews, and 1 more on the way.

Babies are wonderful, but I'm glad it wasn't me.

I can afford to spoil her because I won’t have to buy braces, high fashion or pay for college. One teenager in college is enough.

I may not do diapers any more, but I know how to play with kids.

I love to teach kids about things most parents wouldn’t, like frogs and lizards and how to make a stink bomb.

When you have to protect yourself from an older brother, stink bomb knowledge helps.

I always wanted a girl to grow up with my son, but it didn’t happen.

So, every time I start a conversation with Scott about wishing I had another child, he tells me to go adopt a kitten... maybe I will.

Or, maybe I’ll just make a stink bomb.

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