Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Honk for the Canadian Geese

I had to stop in the road for a gaggle of Canadian Geese to cross. Eleven geese and 10 minutes later, I was on my way.

This is North Carolina, not Canada.

These geese have declared dual country citizenship and spend the entire year here, rather than migrate.

According to Homeland Security, they are illegal aliens: no shot records, passports, green cards or social security cards.

But, these geese are well behaved; they walk between the small ponds on either side of the road and haven’t attacked anyone in the neighborhood.

However, the amount of goose poop has increased exponentially.

They “Honk” frequently, keep their families together and walk single file like good geese.

They waddle from side to side (I have something in common with them) and walk

They like calling North Carolina home.

Now, Pigeons? I’ll trade them for Canadian Geese any day. Talk about guano…

By the way, are pigeons, pigeon-toed?

Have a "Honking" good day. You can send me a post and it doesn't have to be by Carrier Pigeon.

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