Wednesday, July 21, 2010

How do women work with long fingernails?

I just snagged a nail so it’s time to cut all my nails down to the nub.

I can’t stand having long fingernails.

It’s hard to imagine kneading dough, sewing on a button or working on the computer with long nails.

Most keyboard sounds are annoying without having to hear the “Click, click, click”, of acrylic nails striking the keys.

Sounds like nails across a blackboard.

On a good day, I can type about 80 words per minute. On my long nail day, I might get 40 words on the page.

So, how long is long to me? I can just see the tops of my fingers.

I like the tips of my fingers finding the right keys, like on the piano.

Although I wasn’t any good on the piano, I maintain a good rhythm over the keyboard.

If I had to put on fake nails, I wouldn’t be able to reach the keys.

The only ones who like my nails long are the cats, to scratch their faces.

Too bad cats.

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