Tuesday, July 20, 2010

On my way to the grocery story, I saved a life.

A 20-pound Snapping turtle crossing the middle of Firetower Road, lumbered across at a pace that put him directly in both lanes of traffic.

My minivan stopped about 30 feet from the turtle with the door open and lights flashing.

I grabbed two hand towels and picked up the turtle, closer to the hind legs because he could swing his head backward and take a chunk out of either hand.

I walked him to the opposite side of the road, and left him in the roadside ditch.

That was the direction he was going…

He was the largest North Carolina land turtle I have ever seen, with a back having a width of maybe 12 inches.

He was an old guy, or gal; I didn’t check it out…

I didn’t worry about being seen in the road- I was wearing a purple and white reflective workout jacket with blue shorts over super white legs.

I couldn’t be missed.

A car with an older couple passed by and the driver gave me thumbs up, smiling.

A truck followed behind; the male driver rolled down the window and said “Good job.”

I guess it was.

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  1. Yes, yes- good job! I once saved a goats life ...and I am joyful every time I think about it! We have to be the "voice" of the animals. We progressively overran their homes with our roads, buildings, cars etc...so it is grand to hear about someone who cares enough to help rescue a helpless animal from the grip of our technology! Thumbs up!!