Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Water, water everywhere…

Why do we run from the rain when we can’t get enough time in the shower, playing in the ocean, or at the pool?

Will we melt in a few drops? I know about acid rain, but really…

I have two umbrellas in my car: a micro one that I can fit in my purse; and one that barely covers, but the fabric on one spine has come untied. Neither would be much good in a downpour.

So why use them? My hair frizzes…

I have a few larger umbrellas in the house for the times I have to escort my dogs outside when it’s raining- they can’t concentrate while getting wet…

Ok, my Weimaraners are scared of a few raindrops.

Even the “stinky” guys from the gym have to run to their cars, when a little soap and rainwater would greatly help.

Did you know that Marines wear their covers (hats), but do not carry an umbrella?
They are “macho” men.

Alas, no one appreciates the rain like a child whose face tilts toward heaven with her mouth open, catching each raindrop like candy.

A child doesn’t run from the rain, she plays in it.

Then her mother makes her leave her muddy shoes on the porch, dries her hair and changes her clothes.

If she had been in a bathing suit, running under the sprinkler, it would be different.

Here's wishing you lots of light raindrops and childish thoughts...

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