Wednesday, July 14, 2010

We are a drug-free Family

We are a drug-free family. Even my cats don’t do catnip.

I've gotten cute mice filled with it just to see what will happen. I know it's legal, but is it right to get a cat “high”?

Miss Kitty, Motley and Tiger sniffed the mouse or tried to take a bite, but they left it alone. They didn’t hallucinate or act funny, but my cats are weird without needing catnip.

I’ve seen catnip plants in the local pet store, and I’ve sniffed catnip in a mouse; it smells stale but not as bad as licorice.

Licorice smells weird and I don’t like the taste, but hallucinations don’t come with it. I wonder if the cats would like licorice.

Suppose my dogs at catnip. What would happen? I’m not sure I want to know.

Duke and Kaiser rush to the cats’ food dish faster than searching for steak under the dining room table. I guess they think I give the cats better food, or it could be some Pavlov/Freudian thing.

Maybe I should give the dogs a catnip mouse. I know they don’t like licorice.

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