Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Cat Story

Background information:

We live in the country. We’ve been visited by deer, raccoons, foxes, opossums, strays of all sorts and at least one snake- all on my front porch.

I’m waiting for goats and llamas to appear.

Our cats were supposed to be outdoor cats. They tend to stay close to home, have been “fixed” and are the most expensive outdoor cats I know. However, their food and water provided an oasis for “Wild Kingdom”. To make sure they aren’t a snack, we bring them in at dusk.

Enter the next-door neighbors, visiting for two weeks:

They love our cats. They like having them around to kill any varmints lurking in the yard. The youngest child likes them as target practice.

This week they have been entertaining one cat in their home, feeding him and giving him full reign of the house.

A few nights ago, the air conditioner went out, and they had to open all the windows. When the couple went to bed, they heard a cat meowing outside.

An hour later, the wife felt something beside her. Snuggled up to her was the same purring cat. They let him stay all night.

They just love my cats. They also love a mystery cat.

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