Monday, August 16, 2010

Comment Directions

Hello all,
I've been asked to post how to leave a comment on the blog. Granted, I'm not a blog-o-phile (I'm not sure if this really is a word...) but I will take you through some steps.

1. At the bottom of each entry are some symbols that can be selected (run your cursor over each one to see what they do):

*email post; edit post; email the entry (to someone else); Blog this entry (to another blog); Share the entry on Twitter; Share the entry to Facebook; or Share the entry to Google Buzz.

2. You can give me your instant reaction to the entry: funny; interesting; or cool.

3. Under the "Reactions" is "Post a Comment" box. Click inside it and begin writing.

4. Click on "Post a Comment".

5. You may click on "Subscribe" for updates from the blog.

6. You may "sign out" from here.

7. You may become a "Follower" by clicking at the top of the entry. IF you click on the "follower's" photo, you can leave other followers a reply.

I hope this helps. I'll be waiting for a comment.

I'm still waiting....

And waiting....

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