Monday, August 9, 2010


Water Aerobics makes a perfect time for dropping in on conversations. Here are two recent ones:

1. Ruth told Callie “My friend’s husband decided to rearrange her pantry. When she opened the door, everything was arranged in alphabetical order. She couldn’t find a thing.”

“So if you have diced tomatoes does it go under the D or T shelf?”

2. Not to be outdone, Jean told us her story.

“My boyfriend decided to rebuild the pantry, so he has put in new shelves and will then restock it to his liking. Since he does all the cooking, he said that he would devote one shelf for tomatoes and beans. Can you imagine how many cans of beans he has to have? He as enough beans to fill two shelves and still he goes to the store for more.
He doesn’t believe in getting just one can of anything, but instead he always buys in multiples of threes. Yesterday, he bought 2 pounds of hamburger and will make chili tonight. There are only two of us and there will be enough Chili to feed an army. I don’t know how he thinks.”

I responded, “Are we invited to dinner?”

Don't you love to eavesdrop? I do... Send me a note, I need more ideas...

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