Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dreaded IRS

I just had a pleasant conversation with a young man at the IRS.

Yes, I said pleasant.

I was his first caller this morning and there was almost hope for normal conversation in his voice. His name was Rick and his employee number was longer than my social security number, so I didn’t write it down.

Getting to speak with a human required the right “800” number, 15 number prompts and then a wait time of 10 minutes “in the order of which I called”, followed by bad elevator music.

It’s easy to understand how this progression could make someone upset and start a hateful conversation with the IRS guy.

Before I could get the simple answer I needed, I had to give my name, address, birthday, blood type, shoe size, along with my husband’s and son’s particulars as well. I’m glad I know all that by heart.

Rick gave me a “no” to my only question and then said, “Have a nice day”. I responded in kind.

I wish more government workers were as congenial. It may not help the final sting of filing tax returns, but it’s a start.

I love getting mail, not from the IRS, but I'd love something from you. Have a great day.

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