Monday, August 16, 2010

Driver’s License

My driver’s license expires on August, 26th, this year.

I have dreaded the experience of going to the DMV for two months. Today, I got it over with.

I dreaded the small waiting room with lots of people.

I dreaded the unpleasant DMV officers who held my driving fate in their hands.

I dreaded taking the sign and eye test; what if I couldn’t pass them?

Finally, I dreaded getting my picture taken.

At least my deodorant was holding up.

I did pass the sign and eye test with 100% correct and got my photo taken, but I wasn’t permitted to look at it. Was the DMV officer laughing inside?

I received a temporary license on a 5X7 sheet of paper, and my new license will come in the mail.

Great. I have 20 days to dread having a photo resembling a prison matron…

At least I was wearing a pretty shade of lipstick.

Here's wishing you a beautiful license photo. Those of you without the great photo, have a wonderful day, anyway. Write me, the "matron" commands you...

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