Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Grass vs. Pennywort

Weeds seem to be the only thing I grow. Perhaps I will let the weeds grow and pull up the “good” stuff.

I bet my yard will be greener with less water and fertilizer than your yard.

Since I live in a sandy, coastal area, the idea of struggling for a perfect lawn is futile. My friends at Cape Carteret Garden Club know that I like Pennywort, and I don’t mind it in my yard.

In my head, I can hear all their wailing and gnashing of teeth- and see them throwing things at me.

Sometimes I mention the plant just to get them riled up.

I’ve created Ikebana arrangements in honor of my garden club friends using Pennywort… it went over like fingernails scraping a blackboard.

However, if you consider the merits of Pennywort, you might think it’s a good plant too. Pennywort holds sand together and is one of few plants perfect for dunes. (No, I don’t have any dunes in my yard…)

It has flat, circular, waxy leaves with long stems and excessive roots. The roots are notorious for matting up “good” grass and moving from place to place.

Ok, that part seems bad, but in sandy areas, how much grass are we talking about?

To make sandy soil like “normal” soil, one should dig up the entire yard about 2 feet down and bring in dump truck loads of top soil. Mix well and add fertilizers or composting to balance things out. Then one can plant beautiful grass.

Besides the expense, time and labor, these measures will have to be enhanced each year, and you had better hope the voles don’t move in.

My view of lawn care seems to be more radical than most, so I don’t do it.

My husband takes care of the yard, so we will do things his way. Scott strives to have a green, beautiful lawn.

I say, “Go for it.”

Anyone else like Pennywort. Send me a note.

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