Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I am not addicted to Mtn. Dew

Will thinks I am.

He thinks I should give it up and substitute it with something less vile, like water.

I have nothing against water. I drink at least a gallon of it a day, but I have to have at least

1 Mtn. Dew that carries me from waking up through lunch.

Then life is beautiful.

I can’t have caffeine after 2 pm or I will stay awake writing blog material until the sun rises, so I cut myself off.

To me, this sounds like restraint and mature sensibility.

Other people have their coffee, and their coffee breath. I have my Dew.

I tell Will this: I don’t smoke, I rarely drink (maybe a ½ glass of wine every 6 months), don’t do drugs, I try not to cuss (but I’m not a saint), I don’t run around with other men, and I really try not to shop too much.

I deserve my Dew, it’s not an addiction, it’s a passion.

Will just told me to try a 5 hour energy drink… he’ll never understand.

Are you addicted to Mtn. Dew? I'd love to hear from you. Leave a comment or email me at Have a great day.

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