Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Salute to Knee Drivers

I am a knee driver. Actually, I’m a modified knee driver.

I learned by watching my mother drive that way. She could change a baby, feed a baby, sew clothes for the baby and paint her toenails, all while driving with her knees. SHE was able to multi-task.

Mother had seven babies, and just by coincidence, I am the “knee baby”, the one able to stand at the knee with another one on the way.
“Knee baby” is a great Southern term. Sometimes when Mother calls the roll, she still refers to me as her "knee baby", since I am baby number six.

I’m not as ambitious in the car, but I have been known to put on makeup, use a propane curling iron and change purses while driving. I also multi-task.

Knee driving is not something I ever wanted to teach my son. He has a hard time knowing the speed limit, and he listens to pod casts at high decibels.

Add another distraction to driving his small, low-to-the-ground car, and he would be safer riding a bicycle.

Actually, I don’t know if he remembers how to ride a bicycle, so that would be dangerous too. He's not a multi-tasker.

My mother still has her driver’s license, but at 91, her knees don’t work so well.

However, she can still play a mean game of checkers.

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