Thursday, August 5, 2010

Tax Free Weekend

One of the best ideas the N.C. Legislature ever had is the Tax-free weekend, the first weekend in August. It’s supposed to encourage big “back to school” shopping and give the economy a jump start with the illusion of great deals for the public.

IF you need a computer, clothing, textbooks, school supplies or the like, you are in luck.

If you need a toilet, you’re out of luck.

My son will be going back to college in 14 days, 2 hours and 15 minutes from now, so, he needs to be ready.

Will researched his textbooks, compared prices with internet sources to the University bookstore. He thinks he understands the finer points of Economics, but his Mom has a Master’s degree in CSSAD: Comparison Shopping and Stretching A Dollar.

“Watch and learn, grasshopper.”

I recommend searching the circulars for bargains, check them against internet sites that have no, or low shipping/handling fees and decide if all the items are really a bargain.

I’ve also been told that most “school lists” are copied from a list ten year old…. Were we using slide rules then? Just kidding, I’m not that old, but I know how to use a slide rule.

My son is primed for new shorts, jeans, flip-flops (mine have been missing for 2 months- check my blog “Flip-Flops”), a tuxedo (for his chorale performances- he gets his singing voice from me), new sox, underwear and lots of shaving cream.

All moms want their kids to wear new sox and underwear…

There is a catch to this weekend: students won't know what's needed until after the first day of school, not 20 days prior. So it may be worth waiting, instead of battling the shark frenzy at the super store.

However, I enjoy a good frenzy now and then…

I'm a bargain hunter, are you? I'd love to hear all about your adventures; write me.

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