Friday, August 20, 2010

What did you do to your brother or sister?

I've always enjoyed being a chaperone. For my son’s high school vocal trip to Disney World in December 2008, I had the opportunity to ask some of the teenagers
“What was the worst thing you did to your brothers and sisters, or they did to you?”

Will, my son sat there; he’s an only child. These are some of the answers.

1. “I got firecrackers down my V-neck shirt.”

2. “At 3 years old, I was sucking on a wet rag and my brother pulled the rag out of my mouth along with 3 teeth.”

3. “I took a fishing pole and hooked my sister in the belly button. Then I yelled ‘I hooked a fish’. She screamed and started running through the house. Eventually I pulled it out.”

4. “I used to tell my little sister ‘your epidermis is showing’ and she would scream throughout the house.”

5. “I loved to play beauty salon, so I made tiny pony tails all over my sister’s head and then I randomly cut off the “ponys”. Mom had to cut off all her hair- it was half way down her back.”

6. “My sister and I would grab our little brother, tie him to a chair with belts and then put makeup on him, fix his hair and paint all his nails with bright pink nail polish.”

7. “At 3 years old, I was shot with a plastic, toy missile that went down my throat. No problem, it came out later and there were no complications.”


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