Friday, September 24, 2010

Bic Pens

Do you remember the first Bic Pens?
I remember when they were the latest rage in pen technology.

For a while, Bic pen ink only came in black and blue ink.

Then it got crazy with an ink barrel that had red, green, blue and black to choose from.
That was innovative.

In the 1960’s, a television advertisement showed a Bic pen being shot out of a gun into a piece of wood.
When it was pulled out, it still wrote. Its slogan was “Writes the first time, every time.”

That was so cool. And every kid in school tried to figure out how to fire a Bic.

Back then, the biggest 6th grade objective was to use a Bic pen until all the ink ran out.
It never happened.

Bic pens could survive gun fire, but most of the time the ink stopped flowing.

We would shake the pen. Then we would take the end cap off and blow into the barrel.
My brother even heated the tip with a lighter, thinking that would help.

I think he just wanted an excuse to set it on fire.

It was disappointing to throw away a half-used Bic pen.
Then again, you could buy a three-pack for 19 cents.

Today, I still buy Bic pens, but I still haven’t figured out how to fire one.

Do you admire your Bic pens? I'd love to hear about it at

Have a wonderful day.


  1. The early Bic Cristal pens had a solid brass cartridge tip. The last time I found one in a store must have been around 1970-71 and it was an old stock from the '60's. Those are next to impossible to find today

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