Thursday, September 9, 2010

Birthday gifting

Birthday gifts are always a surprise.
This year from my husband, my gift was a mouse pad.
The mouse pad had four kittens on it.

It’s sort of ironic to have a “mouse pad” with cats on it…

I may have to give him a “mouse pad” with mice on it, for his birthday.

I like my three cats but don’t have “cat things” in the house. I did have a kitten calendar last year but it’s been replaced by a “freebie” that has advertisements on it.

For my birthday, my son got me nothing, but that’s no surprise.

My son did the same thing last year and perhaps in previous years past.

Last December, he asked me “What are you going to get me for my birthday?”

I replied, “The same thing you got me for my birthday.”

“But Mom, I didn’t get you anything for your birthday last year.”


Here's to all the birthday givers and receivers, may you gift well.
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Have a great day.

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