Friday, September 10, 2010

Cell phones and drive thrus don’t mix

My sister has a bad habit; she makes a phone call just as she approaches the speakers at a drive thru and then carries on a conversation while I listen.
Sometimes, she actually says a few words to me in between.

A conversation may go something like this.


“Hi… Ah, yes, I’ll have a dozen hush puppies and a large half and half tea please.”

“A dozen hush puppies and a large half and half tea. Will that be all?"


“That will be $5.61 please pull forward.”

“Thank you.” “Have you made dinner tonight?”

“I see you’re at Smithfield’s Barbecue getting a tea.”

“Yes, I’ve just come from school and I need to pick up Kevin from football practice.
We’re going to grill out tonight, would you like to come?”

“Sure, we’d love to come.”

“ ‘Mame that will be $5.61”. “Would you like some ketchup with that?”

“No thank you, but I’d like a napkin.” “Ok, well I need to go to the grocery
store. Come by about 6:30.”

“Can I bring anything?”

“Why don’t you bring a couple of gallons of tea from Smithfield’s and 3 dozen hushpuppies.”

“But, didn’t you just get tea and hushpuppies from there?”

“Yea, but we can always use more.”

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Are you a cell phone and speaker person? Be safe out there.

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