Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Don’t take away my Dew

I’m a Southerner through and through.

My accent is regional, I believe good manners are a necessity, I adore grits, love a handwritten note, I get carried away at ECU football games, believe great tea is brewed with sugar, and I must have at least one Mtn. Dew a day.

Yes, I love Mtn. Dew- a fountain drink, or plastic bottle is my preference.

My son is cringing right now- he thinks I'm addicted to it. No, I'm not, but it would be the best thing to be addicted to, don't you think?

I start my day with a “dew”, not a cup of coffee. It takes me from sleepy land to jumping jacks mode in a few moments.

This lemony-green concoction holds just the right amount of fizz and caffeine… Aaaaaaaaaahhhh.
Dew lovers out there know exactly what I mean.

If I had to choose between grits and Mtn. Dew in the morning, I choose the Dew.

IF you are a "Dew" lover let me know at
I'd love to hear from you.

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