Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Forgetting Things

Do you ever have those years when things get lost?

Maybe the “little people” should be blamed.

Generally, my family relies on me to know where they left things.
If I see them leave something, somewhere, I will remember.

I have become forgetful lately, or at least I thought so.
My digital camera went missing for a week. Scott and Will searched the house, the cars and it was futile, I was prepared to buy another camera.

The next week, after Will went to college, Scott finds my camera in Will’s room…

Then there are times when I think dementia has set in.

Have you ever left one room to enter another without a notion of why you went there?

Scott gave me his car keys to take a dog to the veterinarian. Before the dog was out of the house, my two cats pounced on a snake and this took my attention. I put the dog away, along with Scott’s keys to take care of the snake.

After returning home, Scott asked me for his keys. The key I used was on my set of keys and I could not find his keys anywhere. Two hours passed and Scott was getting anxious. He said, “You have to find them”.

I leaned over to pick up something and heard keys jingle… they were in my pocket.

Welcome to my world.

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