Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It plays again and again in my head

For years, I thought my brother Stevie, was a comic genius.

He would take nonsense words, apply a familiar tune, sneak up behind me and then taunt me by singing it until the melody was a permanent memory.

His favorite was to the Star Wars theme:

“Star Wars, nothing but Star Wars, nothing but Star Wars dun dun dun da…”

Repeat this a few times and get louder after each verse. I’ll wait…


I’ve kept it alive for years, and now, you will too.

Entice others to sing this and create a chorus of “dun, dun, dun da s”.
Make an effort to drive everyone at work, crazy this week.

I remember telling my son, about how Stevie used to make me laugh. Will, the amateur improv comedian, developed an appreciation for his sick humor.

During the summer,I made the mistake of referring to Stevie’s melodies in the company of Will’s friends and was crushed to find out that he had stolen the “Star Wars” gimmick from Saturday Night Live.

It may have deflated my brother’s image, but the song still drives me crazy.

Sing to me. I'd love to hear your crazy verses. Send them to me at
I hope you have a Star Wars kind of day.

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