Friday, September 17, 2010

Ketchup packets

Who invented ketchup packets?

I wish I had the patent for it. Imagine the royalties for that fist full of ketchup passed to me in the drive thru.

This is a great gadget to carry my favorite condiment.

Ketchup packets are much easier to open than soy sauce.

Even with the serrated edges, scissors are needed to open them… without fingernails and refusing to use my teeth; the sauces are only teasing me.

I think other things should be in packets, like toothpaste. It’s hard to get all the toothpaste from the ends when the middle of the tube is always squeezed by someone else. There would be less frustration.

How about shampoo or conditioner in little packets? I think it would be economical to have them in packets with the right amount for the job, especially when travelling. I think I’d like refillable packets for this.

Then there is mouthwash, just a little squirt and fresh breath. This would be great for the office desk and passed out to coworkers as needed…

Body lotion packets would be perfect for my purse.

An air freshener in a packet is a great idea.

My greatest wish for a packet is a bib for me. I could take out a transparent bib, put it on and then not worry about opening the ketchup packet.

No matter how you spell it, I love ketchup. Do you?
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Have a great condiment day.

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