Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What’s in a Name?

I am amazed that people give inanimate objects names.

Typically, female names are given to trucks, boats, and even hurricanes.
The reasons baffle me but many names are clever and may give some insight into the personalities of the owners.

In my area, you can’t drive 30 feet without seeing a boat.
Some are pleasure boats while others are for catching the “big” tournament fish. Still, the smallest boats sport names.

Small skiffs, flat boats, pontoons, ski boats, fishing boats and deep sea fishing boats show owner’s pride with names like Kelly Marie or Mitzie’s Too.

However, the unique names bring a smile to my face.

Try to imagine these real names matching a boat:

Reel Estate, Reel Deal, Reel Happy, Reel Tease, Reel Dangerous and Pole Danger.

(These are large enough to live on, cost more than a small house and the owners would love to sell one to me…)

Sea Hunt, Storm Catcher, Sea Boss, Renegade,
Rum Runner, Pair-a-Dice
, and Ante Up.

(These are also big boats but give the illusion that the owners are living as if they were still in college. You know, checkered pants, Panama hat and hitting golf balls into the ocean…)

How about these: Kids Play, Suits Me, Take a Break, Just Right, and Oar Not.

(These are modest boats with room for the grand kids…)

My favorite boat names are: Reel Laxation, Dirt E Money, Sea Nile, and Here Fishy Fishy.

I’d love to be invited on any of these boats, but I’d need a month’s supply of Dramamine.

My husband would love to have a power boat but I don’t trust him to name it.

He named our first dog “Casey Nelson” after a baseball player and his Dad.
The dog hated everyone.

Scott wants to name our next dog “Lefty” or “Spike”. I hope it’s not a girl.

If we buy a boat, I will name it. Perhaps, something like “Man Overboard”.

Seen any great names lately? Tell me about it on aitken.helen@gmail.com.
I'd love to compare notes.

All this talk about boats makes me want to head to a dock somewhere and listen to Jimmy Buffet songs. Want to come?

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