Monday, September 13, 2010

Without a Name

My cat, Miss Kitty had kittens. I tried to give the kittens away before becoming attached to them, but it didn't happen.

My husband said “Don’t you name those cats or they will belong to you.”
I had to identify them, so I called them what they looked like.
Now I have 3 cats.

The striped cat that stalked everything like a tiger, was named Tiger.

The "mottled looking one" became Motley for short.

Miss Kitty got her name because I called “Here, kitty, kitty” and she came.

Ok, I’m not that inventive in naming animals.

However, when I forget an object's name, I substitute an inventive phrase. I’m sure you have done this too.

If I can’t remember a person’s name I say, “What’s her name” or “What’s yer name”, or “What’s her face”, or this is “Who’s’ its” car…

A place takes the form of “over yonder” or “a hop skip and a jump”.

Things become: “A thing a ma jig”, “a thingy”, “A what cha ma call it”, “A what cha ma who’s it”, “A thing a ma bob”, “A what cha ma thing”, “A what’s it”, or “A whirly jig”.

With hand gestures, it's completely understood.

No wonder English is hard to understand.

Do you have any regional names to share? I'd love to hear about them. Write to me at
I'll be waiting "forever and a day", but I won't be "holding my breath."
Have a great day.

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