Thursday, October 7, 2010

The box

“I finished sealing the box to your mother. Can you take it to the post office today?”

“Sure, after my nap.”

That was two months ago.

I reminded Scott every week. This time I was determined not to mail it.

It sat on the stairs, waiting.
When I walked by, the package begged me to pick it up. “Mail me, mail me."

I couldn’t stand it any longer.
Today, I took the package to the post office.

When the postal clerk asked me if I wanted to send it “next day priority”, I said,
“It really doesn’t matter when it gets there; my husband should have mailed it in August, so they’ll never know the difference.”

I heard a male customer laugh, then quickly moved up to the next counter, turning his face away from me, and hiding a small package.

I’m sure his name is Scott.

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Have a great day. Go to the post office and mail something.

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