Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Catalog Queen

I love catalogs.

I love to read them, wish for things,and laugh at the items made specifically to taunt that brother-in-law of mine.

I only know of one other person that receives more catalogs, my Mother-in-law.

She has special boxes for them, and they line the bottom of her bookcases.

The boxes keep things organized, but deep down, she relishes them like leather bound, signed first editions.

Think of the most obscure, outrageous and expensive kinds of catalogs on earth, and she has it.

When I visit her, I gather the latest ones, spread out on the floor and spend hours drooling.

Does she order from them? Single handedly, she keeps the catalog economy afloat.

She is my catalog guru.

When she comes to visit me, she doesn’t ask to see my catalog selections.

Like Obi wan and Darth Vader, she is the Master and I am the apprentice.

Do you like to peruse catalogs like me? It's the best window shopping in a recliner I know.

I'd love to hear your catalog favorites. Email me at aitken.helen@gmail.com or go to
Helen Aitken on Facebook.

May all your days be catalog wishing days.

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