Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Discontinued Madness

I hate it when things are discontinued.

Manufacturers and Marketing specialists are sneaky.

One makes things that we probably won't need, and the other one makes the products so tantalizing, that it becomes a necessity.

Great products are introduced and rotated out of circulation before we’ve had “enough”, and generally without notice.
So, I buy things in multiples.
I’m afraid things will be discontinued before I find a suitable replacement, and before someone else gets it.

How can I live without a genie in the toilet, Grillo pads with soap scum lickers, or the muscle man who gently removes lipstick and barbeque sauce?

Look in my attic, there are no complete sets of luggage.
Our luggage has bright yellow satin ribbons tied to each handle, separating them from the other entire miss-matched luggage on the turn style.

Who can afford to buy a luggage set before going on vacation?
Manufactures should have warning labels: Purchase this set by this date or look stupid.

Things have a way of leaving the shelves without warning, like a favorite shade of lipstick or mascara. When you’re convinced that it is your favorite, they discontinue it.

The most demoralizing moment is realizing that your “ultimate” fitting bras and underwear are no longer available. They should be shot, or at least take away their underwear and see how loudly they holler.

I like what I like and don't have the time to find something new. Do you agree? Let me hear from you at

Until we meet again, go buy stuff. Have a great day.

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