Monday, October 18, 2010

I have Nephelococcygia in my blood. Do you?

Nephelococcygia sounds like a strange illness, or a dirty word, maybe both.

However, Nephelococcygia is cloud watching.

I bet you are a Nephelococcygian too.

I love to watch the different colors in the clouds, the clouds developing before a storm, big puffy Cumulus clouds and the wispy, icy Cirrus ones.

Beyond the scientist, I am another kind of Nephelococcygian- I love to find cloud animals.
Bunnies are my favorite. I’ve seen a fox, a running dog, a horse, and Nixon but it could have been Bob Hope.

Staring at clouds is a wonderful hobby. It’s cheap, peaceful and a great way to teach the kids about the kinds of clouds that create the shapes. Believe it or not, in North Carolina, Nephelococcygia is part of the 2nd grade science objectives dealing with weather.

I wish I had cloud watching studies as a kid…

There are drawbacks to Nephelococcygia. One can fall asleep watching the clouds. One can get rained on, and one can lose lots of hours doing nothing. Sounds wonderful doesn't it?

I do have one recommendation; don’t watch clouds while driving.

Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote, “Nature is a mutable cloud which is always and never the same.”
Anyone with the name Waldo must be right.

Check out ou can play music to watch clouds by or submit cloud art or poetry for others to appreciate. Or, Both are great sites.

Take the time to watch a few clouds this week. Tell me all about it at

Have a beautiful cloudy day.

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