Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Post office

The postal workers near my house are nice. They know all the good gossip and say, “Have a good one” when we leave.

Maybe They are community spies…

“Anything liquid, perishable, flammable, explosive, pornographic or something I should add to my stamp collection?”

First class is now “priority” mail. We can now get “priority” next day, or 3-5 day delivery… What was wrong with “First Class”?

They also have a sales pitch, done in 2 seconds. “Do you need stamps, envelopes, boxes, return receipts, confirmation receipts, express delivery or a diaper change?”

Postal workers could be auctioneers: “Stamps, 44 cents, 44 cents, 44 cents going once, going twice, and sold to the lady with the electric bill.”

The movie Men in Black II probably had it right. Who else could handle all the mail, packages and Christmas rush, other than aliens?

I don't think I could work at the post office. I have a tough time mailing a birthday card.

"Going postal" might mean a good thing around here. Let me know at

Have a great day.

I'm pitching a creative writing workbook this weekend, and today's post is it until next week. Why don't you re-read a few earlier posts until I come back.

Take care.

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