Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What does a truck say about the owner?

Is there a need for monster tires, seating for twelve, a back end large enough for a small garage and a trailer hitch to haul the Titanic?

Maybe this is Arnold Schwarzenegger on steroids.

When the truck is “jacked up” high enough for a stepladder to extend from the running board, have you gone too far?

While sitting in a fast food drive thru, I watched a man unload a three-step, step stool out of the back, and lay it on the ground for his elderly mother to get in the passenger side.

What a gentleman.

Do you have to be a big guy to own a truck?

I have a nephew who is 4’11”, in the Army and drives a truck fit for elephant hunting.
He presses an automatic door opener on his key chain, takes a running leap, and then uses the seat as like a gymnast to get in.
“Proud redneck” adorns the back window.

No comment.

Why is it that big truck back ends are never dirty?
There are no tools, trash, fishing boxes or other stuff, except for the step stool.
Fancy that.

Maybe I should get a big truck, so it would look better than the inside of my minivan.

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we can swap stories.
Have a great day.

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