Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Crock-pot, or Crackpot? An Election Day saga.

What would I do without a crock-pot?

It is probably the most used appliance other than the microwave, and toaster oven in my house. Ok, the stove burners get used, but I think you get my drift.

I put a frozen something with a few spices and potatoes in it, set it for six hours, and voila, dinner in a pot.
Scott would say that I didn’t slave over a hot crock pot, and he would be right.

Sunday, I cooked a small chicken. It was delicious and juicy. There was enough for dinner and two lunches.
The dogs got the skin, and whatever dropped on the floor, or the counter, or stove top, or anywhere else I didn’t see.

The best part of the chicken came with the price tag of $2.64. It had been on special. I bought two and put the other one in the freezer.

I love bargains, and when it works out, I stock my freezer like a thrifty shopper should.

I consider it a challenge to find high quality, low cost items, so I can save more money for the extravagant items I really want, like a beach cottage on the second row from the ocean, or season ECU football tickets on the 50-yard line, by an elevator.

I am careful with my checkbook, and I will slap the hand who tries to pull the little amount of money from it, so don’t try it- I’ve got my beach chairs and sunscreen ready to go.

Since it's election day, this crock pot story does double duty- one part humorous, one part not so funny.

If you change one letter in the word crock-pot, it becomes "crackpot", a different type of appliance- one that makes lots of steam and gets others hot…

Politicians are like the latter- they don’t know the difference in a $2.64 chicken and a $26.40 chicken, how to stretch more chicken for a buck, and then they want the neighbors to pay for it.

Wouldn't it be great if Congress was mandated to take a class on fiscal responsibility before talking about spending?

Better still, teach Congress to use a crock-pot and how to find a $2.64 chicken.

Vote "CROCK-POT". Let me hear from you at aitken.helen@gmail.com

Have a great day.

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  1. A Congressman wouldn't pay attention in class. Instead pay them the national average hourly rate with no health insurance. And no free barber. No retirement plan. No expense acccount.