Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hooked on TV

I am amazed how TV programs can entice you into being a devoted follower.

I have been sucked into its powers more than once.

I remember being hooked on “soaps” when I was in high school and would rush home to see what happened.
Fridays had the suspenseful cliffhanger, so you had to watch what happened on Monday.
You didn’t have to watch the rest of the week, just catch up on Friday.

Sometimes we would yell at the TV screen:
“Don’t go in there.”, “Laura don’t kiss Luke.”, “Paul you’re not the father.”

In college, the Dallas “miniseries” had us glued to the tube on a weeknight.
Guys would watch a “miniseries” at night because it wasn’t a “soap opera”…

Today, there are reality shows, talent shows and partner competitions.

Judges criticize; viewers watch and vote until there are two competitors left.
Then the winner becomes a star, while the runner-up has a meltdown, moves to a village in the Andes and is never heard from again…

The talk in water aerobics is always about Dancing with the Stars.
They talk about the costumes, poor dancing and pick the ones to be ousted.
Week after week, they are wrong, and have been unknowingly sucked into this TV ploy.

With only one week left of DWTS, a new TV program will start after that one disappears: Skating With the Stars.

I don’t recognize any of the stars, but I would only watch it to see who falls, gets dropped or slides across the ice.

So, what will you suck me into next, Mr. TV Executive?
Putt-putt with the stars, or how about Roller Derby with the Stars?

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