Thursday, November 4, 2010

Part 2: 10 Things I’ve learned about bringing outdoor cats indoors

Just in case you didn’t know, I have acquired 3 cats.
The Mommy cat, Miss Kitty was dropped off in my area, along with her siblings, and she was the only survivor.
She survived because she would eat dog food, and she chose me as her pet.

I didn’t know anything about cats and was proven more ignorant when she had kittens.
Motley and Tiger also live with me now.

The lessons I’ve learned, along with 2 indoor Weimaraners, have been illuminating.
Please humor me by reading on…

1. Cats like to see and hear moving water; the basin and toilet become vantage points of play. Flush the toilet, get out of the way, and hope they can swim.

2. If it can be reached, it is their property. Counters, chests, hampers, and over-the-door shoe racks will be part of their obstacle court.

3. Cats like to see what’s outside, either by way of going behind a shade, up a curtain, or using the blinds like a ladder. Sometimes they must be peeled off.

4. Cats will help edit any work by walking on the computer keyboard.

5. Cats want to know what you are reading, and they like yellow highlighters.

6. Cats will watch movie introductions that have unusual scores and animation.
They don’t like to hear commercials with babies crying.

7. It is said that cats can produce 101 vocalizations; step on their foot while eating and hear #102.

8. Cats wait until there is a clean box and immediately poop or pee 6 times before complaining that it must be cleaned again.

9. Outdoor cats like potty privacy; I am the only person my Vet has ever heard of that provides a two story litter box for outside. Do you think this is radical?

10. Stay out of cat fights. There is a reason you were not invited.

Thanks for humoring me. Part 3 comes tomorrow. I hope you like cats, but even if you don't, their antics are priceless. Let me hear from you at
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