Thursday, November 18, 2010

Trouble Spelling

Spelling is my Waterloo, or is it Waterlu?

I utilize every tool I can think of to edit my writing; spelling is a great concern.

Sometimes I yell out to anyone in the house to spell a certain word for me.
Generally, they tell me to “use spell check”.

In reality, they can't spell it either.

Spell check can be tricky, especially when I am using a word like “Nephelococcygia”.
I had to add it to my computer’s dictionary, but will probably only use it 10 times in my lifetime.
Look it up, it’s really a word.

I read somewhere that intelligent people are the worst spellers.

I believe it, and I must have an “Einsteinesque” IQ.
(I don't think that's a word.)

It’s hard to remember all the rules of spelling, because there are always exceptions.
Do I double the consonant before adding “ed”?

How about for "control" and "spell"?
Seems like it works for "controlled" but really wrong for "spelllled".

Is it really potatoes or potatos?
I think Vice President, Dan Quayle had it right.
(I had to use Google to spell his last name correctly…)

So, I have to ask “Why learn them at all?”

Right now every English major is burning me in effigy.

I saw a T-shirt in a catalogue that I should buy. It says:
“I before E except after C” Weird huh?”

Have a great dictionary free day. I'd love to hear from you at

Why don't you tell me the words you have problems spelling and I'll tell you mine...

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