Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wild Turkey

Isn’t fall wonderful?

I look forward to the crisp air, fall leaves, a roaring fire in the pit, and lawn art.

Rummaging in the garage for suitable decorations, I came across a
wooden turkey.

If you squint and look at it sideways, it sort of looks like a turkey.

It is supposed to be primitive art; I’m not quite sure why I bought it.

It is an raw piece of wood, shaped like a bowling pin, with cartoon-like eyes, triangular beak, and painted cream-brown.
There are no feathers or arms, but the body is attached to 18-inch long twine legs with dangling, yellow wooden feet.
If you hold the feet flat, they could be tulip flowers.
Around this bird’s neck is a handful of raffia strings that form a bow tie.

I thought this turkey would look cute hanging from my front door, but I was mistaken.

The wooden creature hung on a high hook. Legs dangled and yellow feet marked my door each time it opened, “Clang, Clang, Clang”.

After surveying the object, I realized that it looked like I hung up one of those yellow rubber chickens by the neck.

It may not be suitable for my door, but I know a fire pit that waits patiently for its first fall victim.

Happy Fall, Ya'll. I'd love to hear about your decorations. Email me at

Now, go out and kick some leaves.

Have a great day.

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