Friday, November 12, 2010

Typical Bedroom Conversations

“Did you hear that?”
“Are you sure you didn’t hear that?”
“I didn’t hear anything.
“You need to get up and check it out.”
“If you want to find out what that was, you do it. The baseball bat is by the door.”

“Did you turn off the lights?”
“I thought you did.”
“I didn’t turn out the lights. Will you go turn off the lights?”
“No, I’m sleeping.”

“Did you turn off the coffee pot?”
“I didn’t make coffee, so why would I turn off the coffee pot?”
“So, you didn’t turn off the coffee pot?”
“Then you want me to turn off the coffee pot?”
“What do you think?”

“You left the stove on.”
“I did? Did you turn it off?”
“I thought about it, but knew you would want to know, so I’m telling you now.”
“You couldn’t tell me after you turned off the stove?”
“I thought you would want to turn it off and then check the rest of the kitchen.”
“So now I, have to get up and turn off the stove...”

“Hey, while you’re up, could you bring me a glass of water?”

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